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Freshness Meets Delicious

Founded in 2008, AS Foods is an independently family owned business. During this time the business has developed an excellent reputation throughout Indonesia, thanks to its sourcing ability of quality meat and seafood, coupled with the experienced and dedicated team of employees.

We continually train and invest in key personnel which allows us to ensure our customers have access to the best and most relevant products information as well as a high standard of customer service.

The company continues to work closely with long standing supply partners to enable us to introduce and develop our portfolio with the widest choice of gourmet and most innovative products in order to give our customers the best choices available and variation options they need to stay ahead in the business. 

Quality, Reliability and Service is the basic principal of AS Foods since many years, resulting in a solid relationships with customers and producers worldwide.


Custom Portioning

Avoid the hassle of portioning your meat, we can cater custom order to help you pre-cut the meat according  to your menu requirements.



Meat Age-ing

Like your meat aged? Yes, we can accomodate this requirement to age your meat according to your preference beforehand.


Seasonal Seafood

Looking for something new to your menu weekly? Here is the answer to your weekly special menu. We bring specialty seafood to your needs.

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